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Monday, February 4, 2013

Public vs Private

So you have amassed a huge following on Twitter and Facebook, now what?

I have contemplated the same thing that I'm planning to touch base with now. Do I take my Facebook profile public (where everyone can see my posts), or do I keep it private (where only my friends can see my profile)?

Private profiles are limiting to the readers you're hoping to attract. If you are one of those people that for some reason don't allow anyone to post anything on your page — you just hit a huge roadblock. It's perception that you need to think about it here. Whatever your reason behind it is, it's a major put off. Now I won't go into this further by telling you what I think when I run across a profile like that. When I find out it's a writer, I just groan and slap myself in the head. Also if you happen to be someone like me who has over 5,000 friends I can't even see your page! Believe me I love looking at Facebook profiles, and guess what, I buy books too. Again if you'd prefer to keep a separate profile for your family and friends do it sooner rather than later. It takes time to amass friends on Facebook.

Public profiles are where everyone can see what you post, even the drunken late night posts. No judgement here, we all do that, including me. I try to remember every time I post a picture or make a status update... will someone take offense... or misconstrue my words. As a writer, I want to be professional for the most part. We all have those moments though. I also try and be positive everyday with every post or picture. If I rattle someone's chain too much, I'll probably delete the thread. Not because I think they were right, but because it was going into a negative direction. I'm a flippin' ray of sunshine most days and I'd like to remain that way. 

Public profiles also mean that your crazy ex or former best friend could read it, unless you block them, which is what I'd recommend in that case. I have my own list of blocked friends too. I hate to do it, but sometimes I don't think people get that I'm a writer by profession.

The best part of having a public profile is that any subscriber can comment on any of your post threads. What is a subscriber you ask? It's someone not on your friends list. For me, my subscribers leave the most comments and are readers. Do I spend time talking to them, you betcha!

It's not an easy decision but one you should ponder wisely.
Happy writing~


Morgan Mandel said...

Public is the way to go if you want to be known. I see no reason to try and attract readers by making it difficult on yourself. The main thing is to remember not to post anything that you don't want the public to see.

Morgan Mandel

Madison Johns said...

As a writer, the most important part is letting it all hang out there, lol. I'm still trying to catch up with your subscribers list. I know many people don't know what a subscriber is or the importance of them and having it show on your profile page.

An Open Book said...

I have to partially disagree with you, Madison. I have a personal page and a fan page on facebook. My personal page is where I discuss my kids, family and everyday life... my fan page is where I interact with fan, readers and others.
My personal page does have a privacy set up to not allow people to post, etc. Reason being, in 2011 a situation with someone unsavory. It created a police report, a PPO and a stance to keep my career and private life, more private.

There are pros and cons to having a personal page more open. It is up to the person to determine the reason(s).

Great post with good information, but I will not open my personal page for all to mingle. It has not effected my sales, reputation or 'friending' abilities.

Madison Johns said...

Thanks for your comment.

There is nothing wrong with having a separate and more personal page. I run my facebook page like an author page and that's why it's public. I'm sorry to hear you had so much trouble. I try and block people way before they become a problem. I'll be discussing groups and pages in a future blog.

Thanks again for stopping by!