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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Group Promotion

So I imagine that by now you have amassed some level of friends on Facebook and followers on Titter, so it's now time to move into the group format. Facbook writers and reader groups are some of the best there are around. I joined tons of writers groups in the beginning, like way before I ever published a book. 


When joining any writers or readers groups, remember to read the about page. I'm guilty of not doing that important step myself. It will tell you what that group is for, writer discussions, promo and link posting, or just discussions period with no links posted. If you break the rules you'll receive a kind or not so kind comment or email. I find this to be a put off personally, but it would be my fault because I didn't read the rules to begin with, so how can I get mad, right? I find that I keep the discussion only groups to a minimum. I take part in them when I can or whenever real life let me sneak away, but for the most part I concentrate on link posting groups.

Whenever you are added to groups it makes you mad, right? I check them and if I feel they are not a place I need to be, I simply remove myself from it. No sense in getting all snarky about it. On the other hand I must say that I have been added to some pretty amazing groups! I also join author street teams such as Tonya Kapps who I happen to love. I love her positive energy. She's also very helpful on her blog. She has a real positive energy that is great to see.

Okay so you requested and were added to a new group... take the time to introduce yourself and comment on the discussions over there. That way people see you more than just a link posting robot! Like I said before, I did this before I ever published a book.

When I did publish my first novel, I utilized the link posting groups and did it twice daily. You need to be careful with this. If it's a big groups they hopefully have enough activity so that  you can do this, but if not I go by this rule I made for myself. If I can scroll all the way down the page and I don't see my link I post it, if not I wait until it disappears. That way people don't view you as a spammer. It's not spam, it's promotion people. Don't ever label yourself as a spammer.

There have been people that told me not to do what I did on groups. Most os the naysayers I had were people who think they know all about promotion, but are not authors yet. I'm not saying they are wrong or that I'm right. I just know what worked for me. 

Two words about a book that is not promoted ~ not sold!

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